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Sherpa.be puts a lot of effort in the creation of the data bank used for this website. Sherpa.be, however, doesn’t guarantee the precision of the information. The user is also aware that the information can change without him being informed in advance. That’s why Sherpa.be cannot be hold responsible for the content of the site nor the use of it. In case there are links with other sites, for example with a search engine, Sherpa.be neither can be hold responsible for the content and the existence of these other sites. Everyone who uses these search tools is aware that the Internet contains content which conflicts with good morals and can be damaging, and acknowledges that Sherpa.be isn’t capable of supervising such improper or damaging content. Sherpa.be cannot be hold responsible for errors in addresses of websites nor domain names on this website. 

Disabled people 

The majority of the halls with whom we have reached an agreement concerning ticket sales, disposes of a limited number of seats reserved for disabled people. Sherpa.be provides services for an organizer of an event and can therefore not be hold responsible in case, for a specific event, there aren’t any seats reserved for disabled people left. In case you want to reserve a seat for wheel chairs and or their guides, it’s probably the best to inform us via e-mail or call us. Our staff members will competently help you.