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Sherpa.be respects and protects your privacy. 

Your personal data are safe with us. We attach a lot of importance to the trust you have in our firm and all the personal data provided by you will be processed with a lot of care and confidentiality.  We need this personal information to carry out your requests as quickly as possible. This data will also be used to provide personalized services that meet up with your needs and preferences. 

Sherpa.be fully complies with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992, concerning the processing of personal data, altered by the law of 11 December 1998, in which they took into account the European guideline of 24 October 1995. This law determines that the person or company that collects data, needs to have permission of the person whose personal data is being processed, that the data needs to be relevant, right and correct and that it should be collected for specific, clear and legal purposes. The person whose personal data is being processed, needs to have access and the right to alter his/her information.

Which information do we collect? How do we use it?
When buying a product, we require the following information: 

  • - Your last and first name
  • - Your complete address
  • - Your email address
  • - Your phone number
  • - Your mobile number
  • - Your login and a password 

The website Sherpa.be uses “cookies”, actually these are little pieces of information that are saved by our browser on the hard disk drive of your computer. They allow us to offer you an even more better service by providing us information, for example, the language selection you’ve made. Our cookies don’t contain personal information. The majority of the browsers accept cookies, but you can switch it off as well. This won’t stop you from consulting the Sherpa.be website. We will offer you personalized services by examining your visits to our website. Thanks to this information, we can give tips and make recommendations which we consider to be valuable and useful to you. In case you don’t want to receive this information, you each time have the chance to inform us about this. We can also use the information provided by you to inform you about changes, events or special offers that might interest you. Sherpa.be again allows you, in case you don’t want to receive this information, to cancel it. 

Do we share your personal data with third parties? 
De data collected through games, sales, competitions... on Sherpa.be will be passed on to the organizer of these actions  (for personal use only). Sherpa.be also maintains the right to use and/or sell the collected data to third parties. 

Can you change or update your personal data? 
allows you to change your personal data. You can easily change it by clicking on My account

Your permission
By using the Sherpa.be website, you accept the privacy policy and also the collecting and using of your data by Sherpa.be as described in this policy.